Why You Need To Have a Responsive Website

Why You Need To Have a Responsive Website

Right now, are you using a laptop, a desktop computer at work or maybe more likely is that you’re using a tablet or your Smartphone to read this while on the go.

If you haven’t already migrated to the digital age of responsive web design it’s about time you did! Mobile is now the most popular way to surf the web, this means the majority of your traffic are using their Smartphone or tablet to check out your site.

Until fairly recently the norm for companies that wanted a mobile friendly version of their website, would be to create a completely separate ‘Mobile’ version. The problem was that most mobile sites would often lack functionality and content and offer the user only a very basic form of the site.  Because of these two completely separate sites, the result was two things to design, build and manage and effectively a bigger ongoing cost for the company.

There is now an easy solution and most businesses have cottoned on very quickly. Have a responsive site. Responsive web design is basically a collection of different techniques that enable a website to adapt to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. Because of this, someone viewing the site on a small Smartphone will still be looking at the same site that someone who is using a laptop will see. As the web continues to grow and evolve it has become clear that there is not point having a fancy, showy off site if it doesn’t have good, solid, valuable content to support it.

If done properly a dedicated mobile site that has been designed and developed correctly will be more effective than a responsive website. That being said, not everyone can afford to have a dedicated site designed, developed and constantly maintained.  A responsive site will be more cost effective, as changes only need to be made on one site. The Search Engine Optimisation for two versions of a site will not produce as good of results compared to one site fully responsive.  Google actually recommends a fully responsive approach to help focus results.

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