How Does Search Marketing (SEO) And Social Media Go Hand-In-Hand

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is way of making a website more visible to users and thereby attracting users to the website. Its main purpose is to bring users to a website from search engines. Social Media on the other hand does not have a commonly accepted definition, however, the term is commonly used in our daily interactions. Social Media is a technological innovation that evolves day by day and in which people share ideas, information, thoughts and experiences with each other.

SEO and Social Media are not separate entities, they work together to create value and provide relevance for your audience. Any good marketing strategy should try to have both SEO and Social Media working together. Below are ways in which SEO and Social Media work hand-in-hand in today’s market:

  1. Social Media and SEO are connected in that it can give you more search results while at the same time offering users more options. It is preferable to have a search return back listing that show Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube sites as opposed to the search only returning back a listing for just your website. It encourages more external sites to link to your content and having more external links increases the chances of your site being visible on search engines. With your content out on Social Media, there’s a good chance people will see it and link to it from their own websites or blogs. The catch is that you need to have high-quality, authoritative content or you will have nothing of real value to attract links.
  2. To develop your business, it is pertinent that you know people’s views about your services or products. Social Media plays a key role in ensuring that website owners see people views and sometimes reply to them. Most times, the best ideas are generated from discussions about your services or brand. Also to analyse your competitors’ efforts and comparing their key performance metrics should be a necessary action to achieve success. Decide who your direct competitors are, and which companies and online businesses have a similar audience with an effective content strategy. Social Media contributes to SEO by growing brand awareness. Posting high quality and unique content raises your reputation on Social Media which also lead to increased online brand presence. An ever-increasing brand presence will lead to increased searches of the brand over time.
  3. Social Media provides an avenue for Content Promotion. Social Media is the easiest and most effective way to show your SEO based content. You can write lot of great quality, keyword-optimised content but still not have many viewers of your content. Social Media allows you promote your quality content on various platforms.
  4. Another way Social Media works together with SEO is by getting increased engagement on your site. If somebody finds your content useful and shares it within a Social Media platform, it shows engagement. To take full advantage of Social Media to promote your top quality content, you should note that engagement matters for SEO. Engagement helps to not only improve your online reputation but also to make connections and generate leads for your business. If your content is viewed by many people, engagement metrics will communicate value to search engines. Your aim is to put your best content into Social Media so it is viewed and encourages engagement thereby driving more traffic to your site.

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