123 Internet Group steps up to help support businesses and charities turning to digital marketing to survive COVID-19

Zero payment upfront and monthly Direct Debit plans for SMEs and charities affected by COVID-19

The on-going impact of COVID-19 and the recent direction from the Government has led to a nationwide lock-down the UK, closing the majority of businesses operating from bricks and mortar and moving employees to remote working.

It is clear from recent articles by leading influencers that business are moving to the digital channels to survive, and in cases, even thrive. With an increase of over 76% in online usage during the past few weeks and more people using digital, businesses should adapt.

But how can businesses and charities increase their marketing activities when they are reducing their expenses and, in some cases furloughing staff to save cash flow?

123 Internet Group have been seeing an increase in requirements, whether it be for website development, social media or SEO to increase businesses online footfall. We’ve also seen a number of charities struggling where services and/or donations have ground to a halt. As an established business, we have decided to offer businesses the option to undertake new web development or design projects, with zero payment for three months, then also offering a monthly direct debit scheme to spread this cost to those who require it over the following 12 months.

Scott Jones, CEO commented “We are here to support those businesses who need this more than ever right now. The hope is that businesses will be able to gain the exposure they need during these unprecedented times without the worry of upfront expenditure, when cash flow is king.”

One of the first success stories is that of Safety Centre Hazard Alley, a registered charity based in Milton Keynes. The recent re-branding, print and website development has been completed with success and the charity will be given the financial breathing space using this support package.

With the increase in usage of social media, last week also saw 123 Internet Group launching their social media support packages for those overwhelmed with messages and needing support to communicate with your existing customers.

By using long-standing partnership status with Sprout Social they were pleased to announce that as of 23rd March, permission had been granted to offer fellow Chamber of Commerce members ‘fully subsidised access’ to the platform for 3 months via the 123 Internet Group’s partnership with no longer term commitments. With the success, this has now been rolled out to any business who can utilise this during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyone wishing to apply for either of the current support packages offered should visit: https://www.123internet.agency/covid-19/  and send the request via the form found on the article. Alternatively, they should contact 123 Internet Group on 01908 231230.

This is open to all businesses and charities, not just those who are members of the Northamptonshire / Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce but will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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